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Custom designed fitness

and nutrition programs to meet

your specific needs and goals

As a NASM CPT, Pre-Post Natal CPT, with a Physical Therapy and Orthopedic influence, I have past experience with a diverse range of clients.


The majority of my experience is developing athletes with complex and highly customized programs. From high school to professional athletes, I have a steady, proven success record. I focus on the below:

  • Sports specific training
  • Cross-training, speed, agility, cross-movement patterns, balance
  • Post injury (post discharge from clients’ DPT)

The entertainment industry has a reputation for long hours, last-minute travel, sleepless nights, and inflexible schedules. I help clients focus on the below:

  • Manufacturing results based on very strict deadlines
  • Training on-site, remotely, on set, or at my private studio
  • Nutrition consulting for high level results
Youth & Teens

Building confidence and providing a bigger picture of health is important as a young adult. I focus on the below:

  • Building confidence and a healthy self-image
  • Helping the client understand the long-term advantages of a healthy lifestyle, fitness, and realistic time management
  • Keeping the workouts fun and creative, yet challenging
  • Nutritional guidance on what truly matters at this stage
Pre/Postnatal Moms

Being a mom of two, I understand how our bodies change over the course of pregnancy. I am a certified Prenatal and Postpartum Personal Trainer, and I educate women on the below:

  • Pelvic floor strengthening/transverse abdominis training
  • Follow prenatal and postpartum protocol 
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Stretching, yoga, and overall toning safely throughout the entire pregnancy, followed by a different approach after delivery
Corporate Fitness & Speaking Engagements

Corporate fitness has become a top priority for many companies as it has been shown to increase productivity, improve teamwork, and decrease healthcare costs. When leading a group in a workout, I understand the importance of regressing and progressing individuals so everyone can benefit from the exercises safely. My workouts are designed to help employees feel re-energized, rejuvenated and more productive. I offer on-site, virtual and remote fitness programs.

Virtual Nutrition & Wellness Consulting

I will guide you towards a healthier lifestyle in a sustainable way. When it comes to nutrition, fitness, and overall life, time management can be the key component to effect change. I will help you take the appropriate steps needed to help you live a life that is realistic yet gratifying at the same time. I focus on time management, nutrition, meal prepping and grocery shopping. I will keep you accountable, allowing you to see yourself getting healthier!

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What They’re Saying About Us

“Training with Jill has completely changed my outlook on getting healthy! Training in the past has been a chore and I would drag myself to the gym but with Jill, I actually look forward to my workouts. She is always switching things up and introducing new exercise to make the workout fun and challenging, Jill personalizes and creates workouts for your body and goals and really listens to her clients’ needs. She will be my trainer for life!!!”

Rachel BrownExecutive Assistant | Los Angeles, CA

“Jill is by far the best personal trainer I’ve used. Her vast knowledge and experience allows her to create the perfect personalized training program for anyone. Jill has nailed finding the perfect balance of a healthy and fun lifestyle, while maintaining a safe and judgement free zone.”

Erica HutlasOCC Manager at Delta | Atlanta, GA

“Jill is an extremely knowledgeable and talented trainer – the best of the best. She has brought me through a pregnancy and kicked my fitness up to the next level after having a baby. My sessions always fly by as she creates a fun and motivating atmosphere that lends itself to hard work and RESULTS!”

Mandi Christine KerrActress | Atlanta, GA

“I have worked with Jill for years. Because she has injury prevention knowledge, I can trust to send my patients to Jill and know that she will communicate with me a game plan before training the individual. She always wants to make sure we both are on the same page with progressing the patient appropriately. Jill is committed to having a client reach their goals and have fun in the process!”

Ramsey LucasPhysical Therapist & Clinical Director of Outpatient Orthopedic Clinic | Atlanta, GA

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