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Our passion is people. Our approach is simple.

iFOUR helps people achieve fitness success through only 4 percent of their day to become the best version of themselves. We help you IMAGINE a different set of expectations for your life, INFORM you on the best solutions to achieve your fitness goals, IMPROVE your nutrition and exercise habits, and INSPIRE you to new heights and to share your success with others.


I have found that most people share a similar desire to live healthier lives, be more active, improve their nutrition and have more energy to tackle each day! However, the majority also share internal monologues of fear and self doubt. They share excuses like not having enough time, support, money, or energy. Their on/off dedication creates ballooning weights and reoccurring injuries. This continual struggle requires guidance, encouragement, and direction to break through the plateau of this continual disappointment. iFOUR impels its community to IMAGINE life with a different set of expectations. By inspiring confidence through consistent 4% changes to their day-to-day, iFOUR removes the detour of restrictions and helps clients build and appreciate their small wins. With this approach, anyone can sustain long-term success.


The health industry is overwhelming with contradictory information leading the general public to jump from one diet fad to the next. Everyone’s genetic makeup is different so when it comes to exercise and nutrition, I am a firm believer that one program DOES NOT fit all! While there are temporary benefits to most programs and eating styles, you have to choose what fits your daily routine. Different life-values and degrees of motivation require different approaches. Aligning your priorities to include your Health will make you feel better from the inside-out. Physical Therapy magnifies how critical form is to a healthy progression. The benefit of an educated approach to angles, loads, and focused hypertrophy are imperative to the effectiveness of strengthening specific muscles. Our job is to inform clients on strategies to stimulate change, while avoiding injury. One major benefit of iFOUR’s approach is our “adaptive response” design. Meaning, everyone can improve regardless of their starting point, age, or condition. i4 works with all facets of walks of life.


You have probably heard the popular saying, “You cannot outwork a bad diet.” Registered Dietician professionals agree that 80% of having a lean build is nutritional discernment. Not only meal prepping but having your pillars of nutrition set in place is crucial if you want to see change. Being active has its benefits, but what you put into your mouth is far more important when it comes to feeling and performing better! We want to teach you how to read nutrition labels properly and inform you to identify good or bad fuel. Our model is not reliant on excessive restrictions, but on educating. Knowledge is empowering and allows individuals to make informed daily choices and set healthy expectations based on their level of commitment. iFOUR does not say… “do not eat this.” We teach what happens when you eat certain foods, which leads to more responsible portion-control on cravings, and a healthier relationship with food.


Every day we are blessed to wake up and make choices – whether good or bad. Life is tough and sometimes we are given serious curve balls that make us want to give up in life. However, if we focus on gratitude and showing others a simple form of love, or encouragement, these actions will speak power…more than we know! i4 is about community, and when we hear other 4% stories and testimonials, it’s about empowering every individual to tap into their positive mindset on a daily basis.

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