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Our Passion is People …

Guiding them to create

the best version of themselves

Every human body is different. I have witnessed this my entire life from growing up as a multi-sport athlete, to working in diverse career fields anywhere from the Entertainment Industry, to Corporate America.  My interest in the consistency of our inconsistent bodies peaked when I transitioned into Physical Therapy. Each patient brought different challenges, requiring educated attack-plans to combat their injuries, their compensations, and their mindset. I saw their vulnerabilities, their passion for progress, and their appreciation for our dedication to their success.  Most importantly, I learned the importance of compounding gradual changes leading to impressive strength and healing.

Custom Programs

At iFOUR, we recognize that the Fitness Industry rarely sponsors effective content that allows for individuals from all walks of life. We understand that genetic make-up, lifestyle choices, and unique environments create different challenges for each client; often requiring educated and customized attack plans, implementing the necessary regressions. “FAD” diets and “BRO” science fall short in creating the customization our bodies need to thrive.

Fitness is a Journey

iFOUR’s passion is people.  Connecting, motivating, and sharing life’s journey with others.  Empowering each individual to conquer their restrictions, and find success where other programs have failed them in the past.  We strive to help our Community tap into a positive mindset and guide them step-by-step to create the best version of themselves.

Jill is the first trainer I’ve had that really focuses on me. She took the time to learn about my lifestyle and customized a health plan around it. She doesn’t just care a lot about fitness, she lives for it.

Christian AgyptProducer | Atlanta, GA

About Jill

Beginning very early in life, I have always had a strong passion for both fitness and music. As a multi-sport athlete, I was consistently training, attending camps, and being outdoors as much as possible. My singing resume was diverse, with many different groups/genres/awards. I would sing to anyone who would listen.

I grew up in Indiana, and chose to stay local for College. I’m glad I did, because I graduated with a double major in Business and Marketing, and more importantly met the love of my life. We were introduced by mutual friends, and created a band that did a small tour on the East Coast. Ladies… I fell for the drummer.

After college, we moved to Atlanta so I could pursue singing in the Music Industry. Early on in the process, after a promising start, my husband got injured and required an intense shoulder surgery. This unfortunate development was life-changing in so many ways. My husband’s recovery introduced me to the world of Physical Therapy.  A world where Specialists ease the strain on the larger muscles by strengthening the smaller/accessory muscles.

I immediately paused my Music career, joined a PT clinic, and focused on helping individuals. I learned that I no longer needed to move people with lyrics, but instead could help them ease the residual pain that was holding them back from becoming what they desired.

Each patient brought different challenges, requiring educated attack-plans to combat their injuries, compensations, and current state-of-mind.  I saw their vulnerabilities, passion for progress, and their appreciation of dedication to baby-steps, producing results. Confidence is truly powerful. I learned that every human body is different, and the importance of gradual changes leads to impressive strength and healing.

My passion is people. So ten years later, I expanded my area of influence and created iFOUR to include people from all walks of life to come together to imagine, inform, improve, and inspire. I take great pride in empowering others to conquer their restrictions and find success where they have failed in the past to create the best version of themselves.

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